The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty

Author: Cees Mulder

The book The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty is a 355-page A4-size book covering the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the Regulations under the PCT.
The large number of references in the articles and rules makes the PCT difficult to read. The idea behind this book is to add cross-references to the articles and rules, thereby giving the reader a much better overview of the structure of the PCT and allowing the reader to navigate through the provisions of the PCT in an efficient manner.
Numerous references to the PCT Applicant's Guide are also included in the book, providing the reader with additional information.
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The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty

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Edition 2023 
Topic-Related Index to the EPC and PCT + The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty (20% package deal)

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Edition 2023 
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