Paper C Methodology Book

The “Methodology for Paper C” book shows a unique goal oriented searching method ensuring an efficient analysis of documents, a fast identification of the ‘must have’ attacks and immediate drafting of the attacks without having to record excessive amounts of information in matrices or work sheets.
Furthermore this books provide an in-depth review of the substantive patent law of the EPC, as described in the Guidelines for Examination and further developed by the
Case law of the Boards of Appeal. For major subjects of the C paper this information is converted into practical check lists, illustrated with flow-charts. The flow-charts
also provide sample sentences.

The Methodology book comprises:

  • Claim interpretation and determining the object of the claim
  • Priority and Added subject-matter
  • Art. 52(2) non-technical features, methods for treatment/diagnostics
  • Admissibility of prior art and disclosure of the prior art
  • Novelty
  • Inventive step, in particular the problem-solution approach
  • Analysis techniques, with emphasis on time management using a claim oriented approach

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Methodology Book

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September 2023 edition (EQE 2024) Available September 2023
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