Main Exam Questions for Paper D

An essential part of D preparation is to practice applying the law by answering many questions. Besides the basic legal questions (in our Basic Questions Book), candidates, preparing for the Main Exam need to practice Exam-related questions. This book contains these questions.

Besides approximate 250 questions, this book also includes a comprehensive Study Guide with references to the essential reading for each module - the key topics, the relevant articles and rules, Guidelines and Applicants Guide sections, full text and headnotes of case law, and OJEPO notices/decisions. A list of English abbreviations is also included, which may also be used in your answer on the EQE. The book is also completely updated to take into account recent changes in EPC and PCT law, and developing Case Law.

This Main-Exam book covers the legal knowledge needed for both DI and DII parts (new format paper) using mainly DI-style questions. However, legal knowledge is not enough for a good score on D - candidates are also advised to follow a dedicated methodology training and to practice several past papers. This is particularly true for the DII part of the paper.

The updated edition for the EQE 2022 is now available.

Please note that since Brexit, rules for delivery to the UK have changed. Click here for more information.

Main Exam Questions for Paper D

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July 2021 edition (EQE 2022) 
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