Topic-Related Index to the EPC and PCT

Authors: Roel van Woudenberg - Cees Mulder

The book Topic-Related Index to the EPC and PCT – Quick Reference for Daily Practice, EPAC, EQE Paper D and Pre-Exam is a 395-page A4 size book.

In the framework of European patent law, information is scattered over many legal references. This makes it complicated to study a certain topic, for example when handling a complicated case for a client.

The book is primarily aimed at practicing European patent attorneys, at trainee patent attorneys as well as at formalities officers in the patent practice. This book enables to quickly identify and locate a relevant Article or Rule in the EPC and/or the PCT when looking for information on a particular topic. At the same time, it provides reference to the relevant finding place in the EPO Guidelines or PCT Applicant’s Guide.

The 2023 edition of the Topic-Related Index book has been updated taking account of the latest developments in the law and has been extended with references to the main provisions relating to the European patent with unitary effect (‘Unitary Patent’) and the Unified Patent Court.

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Topic-Related Index to the EPC and PCT

€ 90,00 ( + 9% VAT = € 98,10)
Edition 2023 
Topic-Related Index to the EPC and PCT + The Cross-Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty (20% package deal)

€ 146,00 ( + 9% VAT = € 159,14)
Edition 2023 
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