Basic Legal Questions for the Foundation Paper

An essential part of preparation for the Foundation Paper of the New EQE is to develop and use declarative knowledge of the EPC and PCT as well as to practice applying the law by answering many questions. Using our many years of experience, we have identified over 500 questions that cover the core subjects that candidates may need to deal with at the EQE, with the main focus on the first exam stage -the Foundation Paper- and keeping in mind that candidates will likely want to prepare for the M2 paper of the New EQE in the following year. About 120 of all questions are provided in True/False, Multiple-choice, Multi-select, drop-down, drag-drop and other question formats that may be used in the Foundation Paper of the New EQE, so that Foundation candidates can practice answering such questions, and test their progress in an efficient manner. The answers also provide argumentation to support the answers -i.e., not just a True or False, together with the relevant legal basis.

Most of the questions in the book " Basic Legal Questions for the Foundation Paper" are not in the True/False, Multiple-choice or other formats of the Foundation Paper, but are provided as open questions requiring a full, free-text answer. Such open questions allow to test, check and develop the candidate's knowledge and understanding by providing and developing legal reasoning as correct application of the law can be checked while preparing and learning. The exact place where the reasoning fails can then be identified. This also provides a first basis for preparing for the papers of the Main Exam in the subsequent years where a deeper understanding is required and accurate legal reasoning is tested. Candidates are referred to our book "Main Exam Questions for Paper D/M2" when wishing to gear up their knowledge and skills for D1 of the "Old EQE" or M2 of the "New EQE" (as of EQE 2026).

This book "Basic Legal Questions for the Foundation Paper" will be available as of July 2024 for candidates preparing for Foundation 2025. It is the successor of the earlier book "Basic Legal Questions for Pre-Exam and Main Exam", which will remain available from the webshop until that time. Many of these questions have already been used in our existing Pre-Exam training and methodology courses and are/will be used in our Foundation courses.
This book also contains a Study Guide.

The EQE 2025 edition will be available as of June 2024, updated to the legal status on 31 October 2024 (as far as known at the time of print).


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Basic Legal Questions for the Foundation Paper

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May 2024 edition (EQE 2025) 

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