EQE, EPC and PCT compilation (in English)

DeltaPatents has compiled a collection of relevant material for the EQE in pdf format, compiled from EPO and WIPO website, which can be downloaded for free from [course links], It includes the PCT Articles and Rules, a selection from the PCT resources webpages from the WIPO (such as entry time limits), a small selection of annexes to the PCT Applicants Guide, and several forms such as the PCT request form and the EP entry form.

Printable PCT compilations (in French)

Grégory Baque, tutor for DeltaPatents EQE courses in France, published a PCT References Guide in French language. This document can be downloaded here.

Version condensée du guide du déposant PCT à l'usage des candidats EQE, fourni par l'OMPI, avec ajouts d'autres documents utiles. Cliquez ici.


Grégory Baque also published an EPC-PCT reference book in French: CBE-PCT.
Please refer to 
https://www.gregorybaque.com/cbe-pct  for further information and for placing your orders.

Please note that since Brexit rules for delivery to the UK have changed. Click here for more information.