Pre-Exam book

As Pre-Exam 2024 was the last EQE with a Pre-Exam, this book is no longer updated.
However, the EQE 2024 edition (July 2023) will remain available in our webshop until late 2024 for candidates that wish to practice former Pre-Exams in preparation of the Foundation Paper 2025 of the New EQE.

After having practiced legal questions with the Basic Legal Questions Book, candidates, preparing for the Pre-Exam can start practicing exams. legal and claim analysis part. This book offers cases in Pre-Exam style (proprietary cases and cases derived from the EPO Mock Pre-Exams and the Pre-Exams of 2012 – 2013), as well as our own model solutions for the EQE Pre-Exams of 2014 – 2023, with exception of the 2018 exam paper.

Update P-book - Update 5 January 2024 (legal status 31 October 2023)

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Pre-Exam Book

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June 2023 edition (EQE 2024) 

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