Analysis and Model Solutions for Paper D

DeltaPatents' tutors have developed for all exam papers very detailed and thorough Analysis and Model Solutions. The Model Solutions provide the correct answer to the respective papers as well as a structured methodology for finding the answer.
The papers and model solutions have been updated for the legal provisions as valid on 31 October 2022, i.e. the relevant legal texts for EQE 2023 (as far as known at the time of printing in June 2022), including the recent law changes to the EPC and PCT Rules, other OJ publications, ADA/AAD2019 (as in force per 10/9/2022), recent case law, the EPO Guidelines of March 2022, the Guidelines for Search and Examination at the EPO as PCT Authority of March 2022, the PCT Applicant’s Guide status June 2022, and the Euro-PCT Guide edition 2022.

The papers have also been adapted to the e-EQE format with a DI in two parts, including an indication of the time available for each part (based on the same 20% extra time as with e-EQE 2021 and 2022 to compensate for the restriction that candidates cannot freely distribute their time over the complete paper, but have to complete each part in the time available therefor).
The model solution of D 2022 will become available after the tutor meeting (date not yet known), so presumably October or early-mid November.

As candidates need to take the exam from the screen, we will also provide the paper in pdf form to the candidates that buy a model solution, so that they can practice taking the exam from the screen, and they can copy text from the pdf into their editor.

Model solutions of the following papers can be ordered:

Paper D 2014 Anti-ageing Creams
Paper D 2015 Printing Machines
Paper D 2016 Coffee Capsules
Paper D 2017 Metal Beams
Paper D 2018 Oliebollen
Paper D 2019 Shoe Soles
Paper D 2021Springy leashes
Paper D 2022Recycling machines

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Analysis/Model Solution DI and DII

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 EQE 2023 edition
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