Basic Legal Questions for Pre-Exam and Main Exam

An essential part of EQE preparation is to practice applying the law by answering many questions. Using our many years of experience, we have identified about 500 questions that cover the core subjects that candidates may need to deal with at the EQE. About 100 of these are provided in a True/False format, so that  Pre-Exam candidates can practice answering such questions, and test their progress in an efficient manner. The answers provide an explanation why the answer should be True or False, together with the relevant legal basis for further investigation.

Most of the questions are not in True/False format - they are kept as open questions because this allows reasoning and correct application of the law to be checked when preparing and learning. The exact place where the reasoning fails can then be identified. This is a good exercise for candidates preparing for the Main Exam.

Many of these questions have already been used in our existing Pre-Exam training and methodology courses.

This book also contains a Study Guide.

Update L-book - Update 1 November 2023 (legal status 31 October 2023)

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Basic Legal Questions for Pre-Exam and Paper D

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June 2023 edition (EQE 2024) 
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