Analysis and Model Solutions for Paper C

DeltaPatents' tutors have developed for all Exam Papers very detailed and thorough Analysis and Model Solutions. The Analysis and Model Solution apply the methodology taught in the Methodology book to actual exam papers. The solutions of earlier years are updated for the current law.

Each of the module solutions includes:

- An analysis of the client’s letter
- An in depth analysis of all information in Annex 1: claim interpretation, definitions/examples, effects/advantage/problems
- An analysis of the prior art using a unique goal oriented searching method ensuring an efficient analysis of documents
- Sample novelty attacks (showing how to get the marks)
- Sample problem-solution attacks (showing how to get the marks)

The following Model Solutions can be ordered:

2013 Airbag
2014 Razor catridge 
2015 Snowboard damper 
2016  Reusable cooling device
2017 Corkscrew
Analysis/Model Solution

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