Analysis and Model Solutions for Paper D

DeltaPatents' tutors have developed for all exam papers very detailed and thorough Analysis and Model Solutions. The Model Solutions provide the correct answer to the respective papers as well as a structured methodology for finding the answer. The exam papers have been updated to the new Guidelines. The updated papers are part of the set.

EQE 2013 format
For the EQE 2016 we will only offer new format papers. Based on our own knowledge and experience and having seen the EQE 2013 D paper, we have reduced the 3 hour DI and 4 hour DII papers to a single 5 hour paper, comprising D and DII parts.

Model solutions of the following new format papers can be ordered:

Paper D 2012 Water Treatment
Paper D 2013 Frying Pan
Paper D 2014 Anti-ageing Creams
Paper D 2015 Printing Machines
Paper D 2016 Coffee Capsules
Analysis/Model Solution DI and DII (new format)

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