Paper D Refresher Analysis and Model Solutions (for EQE 2020 candidates)

DeltaPatents' tutors have developed for all exam papers very detailed and thorough Analysis and Model Solutions. The Model Solutions provide the correct answer to the respective papers as well as a structured methodology for finding the answer.

For candidates that prepared for EQE 2020 and already practiced all 2014-2019 papers in the preparation, we have developed some extra Analysis and Model Solutions, derived from older exam papers. This material uses the EQE 2021 syllabus – brief comments may be provided as to eventual differences in the answers when using the EQE 2020 syllabus.

The following Analysis and Model Solutions can be ordered:

  • D 2006 - DIII Solar Panels
  • D 2007 - DII Foam Sheets
  • D 2007 - DII Weaving

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Analysis/Model Solution DII

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