Correction papers Paper D

Practice on past exam papers is an essential part of EQE preparation. Up to 4 exams are available for each paper, from August 2019 to February 2020. We correct and give individual feedback to an answer to a recent paper. We also provide our own detailed marking sheets and model solutions to help identify areas of weakness, and to give an idea of exam readiness. This feedback is aimed at improving the performance on the next paper, and ultimately on the EQE.

PLEASE NOTE: we will only correct typed solutions, in Word format. This makes it easier for the tutors to correct and add their remarks. More legible for the tutors and the candidates.

EQE 2020 program:

Exam paper Hand-in date Paper also used in:
D 201918 August 2020Re-sitters Methodology course
D 20148 November 2019 
D 201821 January 2020 
D 201721 February 2020Guided Exam course


Paper D

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