Paper C Methodology Book

This book provides an in-depth review of all patent law relevant for the C exam, with emphasis on the Guidelines for Examination. For major subjects of the C paper this information is converted into practical check lists, illustrated with flow-charts. A methodology is provided for processing all available information and constructing a correct answer in a time efficient manner.

The Methodology book comprises:

  • Legal knowledge relevant in opposition
  • Tactics for dealing with legal issues
  • How to derive all relevant information from the claims
  • Finding arguments in the description of the opposed patent
  • Priority and Added subject-matter
  • Finding the strongest possible attacks
  • 10-steps problem-solution approach
  • and more ..
Please note that, contrary to what is mentioned in the book itself, from September 2017 there is no annex (model solution C 2003) added to the book. The C 2003 model solution was outdated and not compatible with the new methodology.

The updated edition for the EQE 2019 will be available in August 2018.
Methodology Book

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August 2017 edition (EQE 2018) 
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